Musings For The Last Day of May

More great progress this week. Pushing the ones in sanding, finishing, and assembly is this batch being routed. Once the wood is prepped, planed, and joined and the body shape is cut out & the edges smoothed, THIS is where it begins. That blank becomes a body – getting locating & through holes, neck pocket, cavities for pickups and controls, and beautiful roundovers to soften the curves. Most of a client’s wait is getting to this stage; this is where the wood transforms from “Wood that’s going to be an instrument” into “An instrument that just isn’t done yet.” A little more contour carving from here and it’s off into sanding & finishing!

Had some wonderful talks with some of you this week. Folks have been getting their basses and I’ve been getting great calls and emails from happy people… a relief since these are clients that have been waiting a long-ass time. When my little slow-down slowed me down there were builds at the end of their wait-in-line time it was about time to start on, and it took a lot longer to do that and work them across the benches. I want everyone happy, of course, but especially you long-haulers who stuck with me.

Because it’s not about me – whether it was 20 years ago or yesterday, I’m just the one who gets to orchestrate the creation of a tool for you. That tool is FOR YOU – to channel your muse, to be your voice, to bring your part to music moments and into those – and the lives – of others. When you pick up an instrument it should be pure inspiration and an extension of you in that moment; it should transcend what it took to get it, transcend you looking at it as a dollar sign. That’s for objects. This is more than that and if I’ve done my job in listening to and reading you, in honing my craft and honoring what has been given to me to work with, in presenting the best of my workshop and the highest of me personally, the time and money shouldn’t be a part of that moment. It should be so overly worthy of them that it’s a non thinking point anymore. And it may seem an intimidating summit to aim for given how much of both it takes to get what I do, but that’s my part of this and it didn’t just happen. It grew to this. I grew to this. And really, the process is a series of well-rehearsed nexts we bring our best to and apply. FOR YOU. Thanks so much! I work for the coolest clients in the world…


And hey, on a personal note, I had the privilege of picking a friend up from rehab this week. Listen, there’s no weakness or failure in asking for help when you know you need it and it’s something big. That’s strength and betting on your own survival. If you’re struggling, reach out. Commit to figuring out how you can learn to be OK with yourself… EVERYTHING, ALL the troubles, get a bit easier when you’re looking out from a more balanced perspective. It’s like feeding the tree from the roots – feed there and all the branches, all the leaves, everything gets healthier. You’ve got a friend – call on them. Don’t ever doubt you’re valid and worth saving and cared about, but understand that if YOU don’t feel that way about YOU, it’s time to get a second opinion and some help on that OK? OK. Have a great weekend. Life is good. Watch the sunrise. Feel the rain. Make some music.

Listening to:

Bob Dylan Nashville Skyline; Crosby, Stills & Nash (self titled); a very cool playlist from a rail rider (RanOutOnARail on YouTube); and some Skip James delta blues. And today, Soundgarden Down On The Upside and some live Uriah Heep from their second Austin show this week.