Birdsong's 15th Anniversary - Almost Here!

Well, well! It’s not just any Friday – next week is Birdsong’s 15th Anniversary! THURSDAY JULY 4th at 12:01 AM (that’s a minute after midnight Wednesday night the 3rd into Thursday the 4th) I’ll be posting the one day only specials, through 11:59 PM on the 4th. Now, this year has been a little different than those before so this Anniversary day is going to be a little different. No big video this year, though I assure you I will be eating pizza with hot sauces and sipping fine frosty beverages on the 4th! And Camera Chris sends his best to all the Birdsong fam. Honestly I’ve been playing catch up and that’s my focus over anything. So no big sale this year, because I’m booked out beyond my comfort zone. I know it’s not nearly what some have as wait time in my line of work but I want things back to 6 to 9 months before I’m going to pile on a bunch of promises. Let me get caught up and then we’ll go crazy again. And, since your orders are my priority, I haven’t taken the time to work on the new model ideas either – just too busy, too blessed, and a little too behind. I did leave room for a few though, more on that in a minute…

Quickly for those who haven’t been following (and it’s sure not the focus of my life, but I do work for you and like to keep you informed), I had a knee revolt against me last fall, got really bad over the winter to where it put me way behind when I could really ease my way back into the rhythm the shop needs around March. I immediately began quoting long on new builds, so there are only a handful of you who really got impacted, especially if it involved one-off custom work from me, and all of those builds are moving along nicely now, as am I - you’ve all been SO good to me - thanks again for your patience with the process. The rest of you, things are going to be a lot closer to the guesstimate I gave you.

And really quickly going forward, to better manage pace & flow of the workshop, 2020 will have a spring batch of orders and a fall batch of orders, with the kind of real-deal, bust-ass, all-in Birdsong workshop mania we’ve all come to love! But that can’t be sustained all year. So I’m taking fewer orders, picking and choosing, and planning on presenting more inventory builds at my own pace. All I can say is, as always, if you want what we do – let’s get you in line and I’ll make sure it’s worth the wait, and I’ll make the process fun. But it’s not fast food. It’s grandma’s home cooking. And grandma’s taking it a little easier on herself these days.

So… all that as it is, what IS happening on THE ACTUAL 4th OF JULY ANNIVERSARY DAY? Tune in and see – and as usual, this is a midnight to midnight deal day, but this year I’m going to have to hold to that. You’ve got all day. Get permission and/or shine up the plastic over the weekend… I’ll be putting up some things I KNOW I can work in at my new pace. Check back RIGHT HERE midnight the 3rd into the 4th – these specials and offerings will be first come, first served.


The 15th Anniversary basses will be versions of my own personal Birdsong – something we call an Especial Supremo. A Cortobass/Fusion mix with a German carve, a hand carved scroll horn, and wood lover’s special touches throughout. It sounds like a Fusion, my personal favorite of everything we do – here are some Fusion demos…

My previous personal Birdsong Fusion:

A big moment from the past -

And an equally big moment to us -

Beautiful, woody, warm & organic. AND totally carved like a work of art! A couple of build spots have been reserved, I left room for a few more. We can do different wood combos and hardware plating. Claim them now through 11:59 PM July 4th.


And lastly… pruning the tree, trimming the garden, these are necessary. I usually do it in December or January and few notice… it’s how we keep the menu – and Birdsong – focused, sized appropriately to what we can serve, and make room for the new. Models that drop aren’t gone forever necessarily, and there are many reasons why they get trimmed. Anyone with existing orders, of course I’m building yours! But mine is a world of six months out, a year out, so if I’m going to stop building something for a bit I have to stop offering it at some point. No worries. As always, any questions, just get in touch.


CONTACTING – if you call 512-395-5126 and if you have to leave a message, verbally leave your number for me to call you back. You can PM me through Facebook, but I don’t work that successfully all the time. is the email. On behalf of all the hands, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Have a great weekend, and see you Thursday…

Listening to: Tunes on the new old workshop stereo, yay! Johnny Cash Unchained; Steve Earle Ain’t Ever Satisfied; Aerosmith Rocks; Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers; Skip James Devil Got My Woman; and Slow Heavy Dub vol. 1.

Back in the saddle again!