(Wednesday Facebook Post)

Yes, it’s time for What’s Up Wednesday – your mid-week sneak peek into the little workshop where magic is crafted. (Here’s your part – go ahead – “What’s UP, Wednesday?”) Never has a batch felt so good to see in assembly. These are truly the kindest, most patient clients this craftsman could ask for. Aside from two radical custom orders (almost out of routing), this is THE batch caught behind my own slowdown; on the other side of these going out I can breathe easier again and things are pretty much back to normal-for-Birdsong wait times on the next ones I’ll be starting. I taste catch-up! This is why I’m working through the August break – OK, most of it. I am taking the rest of this week easier now that these 11 are together hanging in here. I’ve actually outpaced my parts supply (a good problem, I’ll take that gladly rather than hobbling around unable to work), and that’s all in motion to fill in. There’s a rhythm to this dance when you’re on top of the beat, and I’m feeling it in my bones. All this to the sounds of music from my friend Jim Stricklan, who I played some bass with looong before Birdsong got started. “Earth” and “Colorado” make a great soundtrack to build musical instruments to. Happy hump day! And have a great rest of your week, friends. ~Scott www.birdsongguitars.com

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