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The Birdsong line of professional quality 4 and 5-string short scale basses is our main focus (see them all here), but the workshop menu is full of other guitar, bass and lap steel models too. From a 1970s brand reborn to Scott's side projects-turned-offerings, there's something here for anyone who's not like everyone. 

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Scott's Signature Guitars & Basses: The Shortbass and more!

Scott's always scribbling and sketching. Some folks are convinced he's got a notebook surgically attached to his hand because they've never seen him without one. Some of that becomes songs or writings, some manifests into guitars & basses. Simple, fun tools happening right along side their more expensive brethren in the workshop, he builds them with love and hand signs each headstock just like his first builds in 1997. By FAR the most popular is the Shortbass, the Birdsong feel & vibe distilled to its simplest form. 

D'AQUILA guitars & basses: Where art meets craft

Elegant solid jazz guitars, art deco basses, ornate talisman electrics for the out of the ordinary tonal seeker. Artisan designed & crafted in our Texas Hill Country workshop featuring a mix of local and exotic woods, turquoise & jade inlay, engraved solid silver pieces and lots of carved ebony.

SD Curlee USA'70s Muscle Refined!

Classic SD Curlee feel, tone & vibe meets our refinements, strong necks, today's high-end parts, and our Texas workshop craftsmanship.  

See SD Curlee USA's current offerings

Currently available SD Curlees

Hand made lap steel guitars from the Texas Hill Country!

Steels are generally thin & twangy. In this world of Patsy Clines I want mine to sing like Aretha Franklin... so they're voiced with a big, soulful tone. Easy to play and bluesy for front porch sunset seranades or swingin' bar-room alt country goodness.   


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