Ordering a craftsperson-made item with tailored touches from a workshop is a little different 
than heading over to the big box store and picking something mass-produced off the rack. If
you just want the right brand logo or an appliance, great ~ go get it and do great things
with it. But that's not what we do here... here it's more like a garden than anything else.

The basses are all functionally very similar but tailored to different tastes. Look at the 
gallery of past builds
, the client build page, and all over the site. This will help you find 
woods and shapes and features you like. We can even work up a "Birdsong Custom"
with your favorite Birdsong features. This page will talk about the process of ordering
a hand built Birdsong from us and what you can expect. 

You arrive at this page having found us ~ welcome home! 

What we do: hand built, pro-quality short scale basses that are smaller, lighter, and easier
to play than most basses... and sound a lot bigger than you'd think! They have natural finishes,
passive electronics, and are our designs that we know work and balance properly. They've
been designed & built by pros, tested, sold worldwide, been on TV, in books, and absolutely
raved about by actual owners who have really bought and played them.

What we don't do: active electronics, shiny gloss finishes, lots of inlay, LEDs, copies, paints,
color stains, or "endorsement" give-aways. We stick to the organic vibe that inspires us. And
again ~ everyone playing or raving about one (or more) of our basses bought them. It's a 
blind date but a very carefully matched one at this point! We know our stuff, living &
breathing these little basses since the company was started for real in 2004.

3D sands the bevel line inside the upper horn of a "Benchmade" set-neck Sadhana

STEP 1: Your interest
You know pretty much what we do & don't do, you've looked around on the site for models and
various wood options... maybe you have a list of questions or examples on the site of various
options you like. Think about your favorite bass tones and your needs in an instrument.
Give me a call at 512.392.4400 or email "inquiry" to scott@birdsongguitars.com.
(If you don't catch me, I'll get back with you as soon as I can.)

STEP 2: We talk
If it's an instrument from inventory you want, call or email and I'll invoice you.

If it looks like we'll be building a bass for you, by phone or email we talk about the details so a 
plan for your dream bass can be worked up. I designed these instruments and oversee whatever 
of the build I don't do myself. I've turned hundreds of people "into" basses they instantly 
related to, and this is one of the most fun parts of all this for me. 

I love to talk on the phone about music and its tools and their design, influences, you name
it. It's important to have a human connection; this isn't a toaster. This is an extension of your
creative muse, your tool to speak to others with as a musician. Your voice. This is why I take
the orders myself whenever possible. I can answer any questions and help you through any
decision making as to tailoring the build, features or woods. I know these basses inside & out.

Once a bass plan is happening, we figure up the cost and usually get half to start.

STEP 3: First payment
The first payment is usually for half. We accept payment the following ways:

USA: PaySimple invoice (like PayPal but much better)
Credit card over the phone (via a very secure service)
Check or money order to our PO Box

International: Bank-to-bank transfer (contact for bank info) 
International money order sent to our PO Box

Please make checks & money orders to:
Wingfeather Enterprises
PO Box 1745
Wimberley, TX 78676

Payments are non-refundable during the build; we commit, you commit. Please be able to go 
the distance with us. If something comes up, we complete your build, sell it from inventory, and
then refund you less 10% out of that. (The handful of times our 7 day return policy has been used,
that's how we like to do it as well. Sell it & refund you, only with no charge, but less shipping cost).

And no matter the email on the invoice, communication is best through info@birdsongguitars.com

STEP 4: We build
You'll be quoted an estimate on how long it may take, but we request your flexibility 
and patience; this is a home cooked meal, not a microwave mac 'n cheese. (Thanks!)

When we receive payment, you'll get a receipt and the serial number of your bass.
You can check the client builds page for updates on your instrument's progress.

Once it's just about ready, we request final payment.

STEP 5: Balance payment
This is the second half of the instrument, plus any sales tax for Texas clients, and
special shipping (international or special handling requests). 

STEP 6: We ship
Every Birdsong is packed like it's shipping to the Gaza Strip.
We ship on Mondays, and we ship FedEx only, fully insured.
Domestic clients, an adult must sign for the delivery.
International clients, we cannot devalue the instrument to save you 
customs & taxes. To insure it fully the claimed value must match.
Everyone gets an email with full tracking information so you can be ready. 

Shipping to Europe runs around $250 US at this time.

Picking your bass up in person at the workshop by appointment is fun too!
Friends from Australia, France, and all over have done it... see the workshop, 
meet the characters, go for some Italian food, visit the homestead. We know
folks with river cabins and can help with any arrangements.

STEP 7: You are happy
We guarantee it. We have been here since '04 making our great little basses,
they are played in music rooms, studios and on stages around the world.
They're designed by a player and built by players - from our hands to yours!

You'll have delivered to your door a great little bass made with as much love and mojo as we 
could build into it, spend a half hour unpacking it (please recycle the packing material) and
fall in love with your Birdsong. Strap it on and it all makes
sense. Something exotic yet practical, 
something actually worth waiting for. And somewhere far away, the dedicated hands of a small, 
independent American company are working the wood 'til the next bass sings.

Ever eaten a meal cooked up with devotion and served to you with respect? It tastes different; 
the reverence in the heart behind the hands, for the gift of material and the blessing of service, 
somehow brings out so much more in the flavor. Well imagine that with wood and strings; 
with a comfortable, easy playing & great sounding design too, and if that sounds like what 
you hunger for it will be our honor to make you a Birdsong of your own. 

More questions?

Want to order?

Give me a call at 512.392.4400 or email "inquiry" to scott@birdsongguitars.com.


Scott Beckwith

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