"Just brought the new bass to my lesson and my teacher freaked out at how great it plays and sounds, he was blown away." ~Jen T.

Rather than just take a Birdsong and have some made cheap elsewhere with our name on it, I designed a bass that is the no-frills essence of what I as a designer, builder & player feel a bass should be. For some this can be a simple introduction to the whole Birdsong bass aesthetic; for others their perfect tool. I love these little things ~ the fancy stuff is great fun but my heart is in simplicity done to a very high standard. For a bass with more options, check out Birdsong... for today's version of what became the Birdsong, keep reading!


  • Walnut, mahogany, or Spanish cedar body
  • Chrome hardware
  • Hipshot vintage bridge, 17 mm spacing
  • Birdsong 31" scale maple neck
  • Rosewood or maple fingerboard
  • Single low-noise neck pickup
  • Vintage tortoise or pearloid control plate
  • Fretted or unlined fretless (rosewood)
  • Thick padded gig bag (upgrade to case $100)

$995 + $55 shipping in the continental U.S.




"Impeccable crafting and great setup- the action is perfect. Amazing variety of tones to choose from and all I have been looking for. A beautiful, strong, versatile sounding bass that's a joy to play. This is now my main bass - I simply just really dig it."
~Pat F. (fretless)

"I absolutely love it. Very easy to play and perfect balance. The tone is killer and can easily compete with my P and J basses. The workmanship is top notch simple yet a work of art."
~Jessy M.

"The Shortbass sounds really clear, not too boomy with the single coil in the neck position. 
I'm really happy with this little giant." ~Tim F.

"My Shortbass that Scott built for me a few years ago has become my only recording and performing bass. My Hofner was relegated to backup and still goes to shows, but it never leaves its case. Thanks, Scott!" ~John F.

These are happy little basses. The design links directly back to my first short scale basses in the late 1990s. Out of the back of a funky little music shop in Melrose, MA I began building original designs - some of which evolved into the Birdsong Cortobass by 2004. That pickup in that position was in the very first one I built and immediately there was "the voice" - as if someone had put a cup of upright in the electric soup. Everything else followed that - so finding it literally changed my life! That pickup and my signature on the headstock were on the very first and are a part of every Shortbass today, 19 years later. ~Scott