"Just brought the new bass to my lesson and my teacher freaked out at how great it plays and sounds, he was blown away." ~Jen T.

UPDATE 3/30/18 - Currently the workshop is at capacity and the only Shortbasses available will appear on the INVENTORY page as they become available. Thanks! ~Scott the Woodgnome

Rather than just take a Birdsong and have some made cheap elsewhere with our name on it, I designed a bass that is the no-frills essence of what I as a designer, builder & player feel a bass should be. For some this can be a simple introduction to the whole Birdsong bass aesthetic; for others their perfect tool. I love these little things ~ the fancy stuff is great fun but my heart is in simplicity done to a very high standard. For a bass with more options, check out Birdsong... for today's version of what became the Birdsong, keep reading!


  • Walnut, mahogany, or Spanish cedar body
  • Chrome hardware
  • Hipshot vintage bridge, 17 mm spacing
  • Birdsong 31" scale maple neck
  • Rosewood or maple fingerboard
  • Single low-noise neck pickup
  • Vintage tortoise or pearloid control plate
  • Fretted or unlined fretless (rosewood)
  • Thick padded gig bag (upgrade to case $100)

$1250 includes shipping in the continental U.S.


"Impeccable crafting and great setup- the action is perfect. Amazing variety of tones to choose from and all I have been looking for. A beautiful, strong, versatile sounding bass that's a joy to play. This is now my main bass - I simply just really dig it."
~Pat F. (fretless)

"Just want you to know that I'm really pleased, especially since I had never seen one in person. I knew what to expect tone-wise since I had seen your YouTube videos but that doesn't tell you everything. In particular, I love the neck profile and the way it hangs, my right hand falls exactly where I like it to be."
~Dave W.

"I absolutely love it. Very easy to play and perfect balance. The tone is killer and can easily compete with my P and J basses. The workmanship is top notch simple yet a work of art."
~Jessy M.

"The Shortbass sounds really clear, not too boomy with the single coil in the neck position. 
I'm really happy with this little giant." ~Tim F.

"My Shortbass that Scott built for me a few years ago has become my only recording and performing bass. My Hofner was relegated to backup and still goes to shows, but it never leaves its case. Thanks, Scott!" ~John F.

"Ergonomically speaking this my favorite... The craftsmanship is superb and it plays great. Using the volume and tone control along with right hand placement or technique offer me more tonal variety than I would think a single pickup bass could provide." ~Chris A. 

"I played it out last night and Some pics and videos were posted and the net was buzzing with "what kind of bass is that?" "It sounds great!". I'm supremely happy and just wanted you to know." ~Eric P.

These are happy little basses. The design links directly back to my first short scale basses in the late 1990s. Out of the back of a funky little music shop in Melrose, MA I began building original designs - some of which evolved into the Birdsong Cortobass by 2004. That pickup in that position was in the very first one I built and immediately there was "the voice" - as if someone had put a cup of upright in the electric soup. Everything else followed that - so finding it literally changed my life! That pickup and my signature on the headstock were on my very first builds and are a part of every Shortbass today, 20 years later. 



D'AQUILA Art Deco guitars are luthier Scott Beckwith's purest expression. Decades ago when he dreamed of spending time carving "...something out of little pieces of ebony in a workshop," he was picturing this. Primarily super high-end artisan electric jazz guitars, they can rock too and put an elegant spin on blues or jamming as well. As he is able and inspired, they come together piece by piece to be unique instruments for individuals. Garcia had his Irwins, Trey his Languedocs, Kevin Eubanks his Abe Rivera; will you have a D'AQUILA? Inquire for info & to be put on the offer list for instruments as they are completed.  scott@birdsongguitars.com  (512) 395-5126