I got into making lap steels because the tone I was looking for was a little bit different than the traditional thin, crying tone. In a world full of Patsy Clines, I wanted Aretha Franklin. Deep for the blues, full-bodied for swing, and a sweet voice for everything but the most traditional country. 

There are inexpensive mass produced instruments and then there is how we do it, in small batches with a handful of tools. The "Hill Country" of south-central Texas is a beautiful, creatively inspiring place to be, and this is where each Texas Lap Steel Co. instrument is dreamed up and hand made.

Any ready to go will be pictured & priced on the inventory page.
Orders to build are welcome.
We offer 23" and 22-1/4" scales.
Prices here are guidelines and vary due to options, features and woods used.
Shipping in continental USA is $25
They come without cases. Burlap sacks, old gun cases, keyboard bags, there are many options that may work but every steel is a little different and we leave it to you to figure out what fits your needs best. No worries - it'll be packed like an Egyptian mummy and ship fully insured!
Though we ship worldwide, the new for 2017 CITES regulations and fees are so convoluted that we just won't ship anything that even LOOKS like rosewood out of the USA. 


Model 1
The "Uncle Johnny" model is our simplest steel, it's named in memory of a simple living country friend with a deep laugh and a love for wood. These start at $650 and are completely handcrafted in our workshop like all our steels.

One humbucker wired direct to the jack. I can put volume or volume & tone controls, heck I can build it from a wild piece of Texas mesquite & fill the cracks with turquoise for a playable piece of southwestern art. (Some additional features shown are inlaid coins, pearl and turquoise, carved bridge plate.) Something wild like the mesquite & turquoise I talked about will be around $850.

Model 2
The "Wimberley" model is a curvy little beauty inspired by the rivers that flow through our little town. These start at $850

Model 3
The DecoSteel brings in some '30s-'40s big city styling to the little Texas steel. These start at $750

Model 4
The "Sweet Singer" model is our top of the line. Lots of woodwork and a long, graceful shape. These start at $950

Model 5
The "Hippie Sam" is named after an old hippie that used to be around here that, according to my friend Uncle Johnny, "Knows more about wood than any human on the planet." He lived down off of River Road and brought me the walnut used on the very first Birdsong branded instrument back in 2001, even before we were a company. Well Johnny and old Sam (and most of what was on River Road) are gone now, but I'm still here workin' the wood. (Info & pics coming)

TO ORDER:  Look around and see what speaks to you, then call the workshop at 512-395-5126 or email info@birdsongguitars.com with "STEELS" in the subject line. We talk, figure out what to make for you, and you pay via check, MO, PayPal, major card or bank transfer. Then we make your lap steel and send it to you FedEx fully insured, signature required. We're here to do what we love and make you happy with an inspiring tool, so it comes to you with our gratitude, highest work, and an absolute satisfaction guarantee - because you don't get the reputation we've built over the decades by bein' dicks.

Thank you so much for your time & interest!