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This gallery is updated weekly to show progress on various builds happening in the Wingfeather Workshop. Most are Birdsongs but others are in here too. Not every build gets new pictures every time - we're a very small workshop and logical work flow in here as it's happening is very different than how it may appear on a screen to one person following one build. Most of these are orders but some are being built for inventory; please contact us with any questions!

To our clients, thank you for your patience with the crafting process and let us know how we're doing manifesting your dream bass or guitar. To those here looking, grab yourself a beverage and make yourself at home. Watch your step as there's a lot going on in here, but feel free to ask any questions. We'd love to make you one too!

If you see this, that's an inventory build (with more info on the inventory page) and is available for you to jump on already in progress. 

Otherwise these specific builds are for clients who ordered and are not for sale... but we can do something similar for you!





Birdsong Especial

hy5/C5 5-strings


D'AQUILA #007: A scrolled D'AQUILA Imperial guitar Scott's building for himself from Wimberley flood Cypress. (Note: this is Scott's personal guitar, which is why it has moved along so slowly... yours come first!)