#14 Comin' Up!

Well well well… looks like we’re coming up on the anniversary celebration! July 4th is Birdsong’s 14th Anniversary, and as more of you come aboard you may not have witnessed what happens. As we plunge headlong through time past this mile marker sign, expect to see some kind of “State Of The Workshop” address video with probably 14 announcements, perhaps an equal number of interesting things showing up in inventory, maybe some kind of sale. OK, definitely SOME kind of sale… put it this way, if you’re thinking about it this is the time to do it. So buy the kids shoes and get permission from your significant other NOW, because this year the 4th is a Wednesday and we’re doing ONE DAY ONLY on the actual day. 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM. 

There is usually some sort of new model introduction, I open the vault to offer some historic builds, and this year I’m cleaning house – shop, more accurately - lots of unearthed surprises and personal instruments, some prototypes & R&D instruments; LOTS of fun things to have, for sure, unless you have all of them and other plans for one of the storage areas! And oh yeah – Anniversary basses! Usually a “Here they are” unveiling, this year a bit different. You’ll see. Sometimes it’s good to counter the expected with the unexpected!

It’s so exciting to think about being a part of your music, your tone – your voice. What you offer to musical and magical moments. The tools of music have fascinated me for just as long as music itself. And I know what it feels like to find your missing piece – the tool that turns into your Excalibur. It took until just recently, but I have my Excalibi and I’ve stopped even looking at other guitars or basses. I’ve heard that from some of you too, many times over the years, and that’s powerful. I know what the right instrument brings out of me and how it translates that into my part of the music. And I know what having inspiration and music a part of it does for my life. So happy a Birdsong does this for folks… for the rest of you, maybe a Birdsong or SD Curlee will do it for you?

Listening to: John Abercrombie Quartet live at the Skopje Jazz Festival 2013; Herb Ellis Softly… But With That Feeling; Grateful Dead Live Dead.