Gearing Up

Many many wonderful hours, very sweaty hours, were spent this week doing work on a dozen or so former pieces of tree awaiting their chance to come back to life. This is what I do. It may be more, and it may be less; I am not really counting the numbers while I'm working, other than millimeters, the occasional inches, and in individual parts... 4-string ferrules, 7 small screws for the control plate, 5 neck screw bushings. In the zone, time leaves me as a defining, delineating map of the moment - replaced by nexts and just a fluid continuation of the task at hand. These are the glory days.

By tonight there will be a bunch of new pictures up on the client build page, and a bunch of potential pictures that I just didn't take because I can't show you what I'm cooking up! That will come July 4th. Yes brethren, it is that time of the year again... to gather, to celebrate freedom and independence, and for us at Birdsong, to celebrate our freedom and independence by marking the anniversary of our official launch in 2004 with our big annual sale and introduction of new models. Coming up is... well, I can't tell you! But I did have your attention for a moment, didn't I? It will be good, I promise. They will be good, I promise.

I will again be opening the vault for those of you who would like to have an early piece of Birdsong history, and there is also a very special guitar being offered with its total purchase price going towards assistance for the victims of the recent local flood. So gain favor of your significant other by whatever means necessary, clear off some space on the card, and please remain fastened securely in your seats until the room comes to a complete halt. Until next Friday with more clues, you all have a wonderful weekend, check out our facebook page, and please call me anytime, with any questions, about anything. I'm now hopping back into the shop to finish up some things I want to photograph, to the continued looping of some early 70s Rolling Stones and the great Delta Blues of Reverend Gary Davis. Amen.